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Company:Shijiazhuang shentong plastic Industry Co.,LTD

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Address:No. 1-2-402, Dongping Road 5 Jiuxing Court, Qiaodong District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


Shijiazhuang Shentong Plastic Industry Co has made up her principle as becoming the most reliable and preferable company among the companies of its sector and has set up her management and quality policy accordingly.

          To achieve the permanency of this policy, Shijiazhuang Shentong Plastic Industry Co have set out the following principles:
          To design products that go beyond the expectations of the customers, by following world technologies and standards.
          To present customers reliable products with the best price and best quality, according to rules and legislation.
          To provide documents and full technical support on time to provide enduring and problem-free service presale and after-sale.
          To secure health and security of the workers prospectively, and to vitalize team spirit by transparent management that share information and responsibility to create empowered workers. To support individual development and to increase the devotion and satisfaction of the workers by arranging various activities.
          ‘QUALITY’ is lifestyle. ‘Quality’s framed, produced, controlled and developed.
          ‘Quality’ be achieved and carried on by the willing support and sense of responsibility of all workers. We work in team spirit to achieve goals of our units and company.
          Our target in Research and Development and Product Development is to improve knowledge and creativity to manufacture competitive products for customer satisfaction. Our aim is ‘Flawless’ production. It is a fundamental principle for us to deliver on time perfect products.
          Providing perfect technical support and services on time is a basic principle of our ‘QUALITY’ policy.
          We aim to improve efficiency of our operation process by providing the participation of our associates, suppliers and manufacturers by the help of publicity, education and supervision.
          Top management to lead, all workers are responsible for carrying out and developing the efficiency of the ‘Quality Policy’ of Shijiazhuang Shentong Plastic Industry Co.