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HDPE is a kind of thermoplastic polyolefin generated by ethylene copolymerization. Although the HDPE was launched in 1956, but this kind of plastic haven't reached maturity levels. The general material continues to develop its new USES and markets. The thermoplastic resin. Square one HDPE appearance has milk-white, in a small cross section in a certain degree of translucent. PE has excellent resistance to most of the life and the characteristics of industrial chemicals. Some kinds of chemicals can produce chemical corrosion, such as corrosive oxidant (nitric acid), aromatics (xylene) and halogenated hydrocarbon (CTC). The polymer is not hygroscopic and has good prevention

The different processing method of manufacturing PE available is very wide. Such as sheet extrusion, film extrusion, pipe or profile extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and plastic.
HDPE pipe
HDPE pipe is one of the traditional steel pipes, the replacement of the PVC drinking water pipe.
HDPE pipe must absorb a certain amount of pressure, usually to choose large molecular weight, good mechanical properties of PE resin, such as HDPE resin. LDPE resin of low tensile strength, compression is poor, poor rigidity, dimensional stability is poor, when forming and connection problems, is not suitable as the pressure in the feed water pipe material. But due to its high health indicators, LDPE has become especially LLDPE resin in the production of drinking water pipe commonly used materials. LDPE, LLDPE melt viscosity of the resin is small, good liquidity, easy processing, so the choice of the melt index range wide, usually MI between 0.3 to 3 g / 10 min.