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Solar ppr pipe is closely followed the economic development and the development of the pipe industry and the birth of the high-end pipeline series, the new professional production of high-performance pipe ppr pipe products, solar energy pipeline products, the product in maintaining the advantages of ordinary ppr pipe Performance, based on, but also make up for other pipes used in hot water, the main shortcomings, so that the use of the product performance is more perfect.
Solar-specific ppr pipe with high temperature, no deformation, is long use temperature up to -40-110 degrees, both to improve the use of medium temperature, but also reduce the thickness of insulation materials. It has good flexibility, good impact resistance and high safety. Compared with PEX and PB pipes, its laying is convenient and economic. It belongs to green products, can be recycled and used, and does not pollute the environment.
Shentong Ppr tube brand advantages 1. High-quality raw materials, 2. Advanced production equipment, 3. Mature technology and experience, 4. Long-term stability of the product qualified test results, 5. Long-term international authority to maintain detection and monitoring agencies that.
Shentong industry for solar energy ppr pipe with the best level of raw materials, will not add renewable raw materials. And it is the introduction of advanced production technology at home and abroad, greatly improving the production process, the production of ppr pipe pipe products even wall thickness, wall smooth, beautiful appearance. Light weight, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, pressure pipe for high temperature characteristics is particularly prominent, long-term use at 95 ℃, the maximum temperature of up to 110 ℃.