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■ import of advanced production equipment
Shengtong introduction of advanced PE-RT floor heating pipe production line and the international advanced technology of PP-R pipe production line, injection molding machines and other production equipment, with its excellent stability and accuracy to ensure the quality of the product.
■ South Korea imported raw materials
 selected PPR, PE-RT raw materials by an international laboratory accreditation authority, pure raw materials production, quality certification.
■ authoritative quality performance testing
Transit goods through the relevant departments of qualified testing and internal transit highly qualified technical personnel strict factory closed, factory products through the testing to ensure that products manufactured are qualified products.
■ Efficient logistics
Transit has a strong logistics network system, and the establishment of friendly and cooperative relations with a number of logistics companies, convenient and quick delivery.
■ China Ping An Insurance underwriting quality
Shengtong product quality by the China Ping An Insurance underwriting, solve the user to worry about.
■ perfect service system
Dozens of high-quality transit service personnel, the fastest, the quickest way for customers to solve product transportation and sales problems