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Ppr pipe in addition to the quality of the raw materials, but also inseparable from the mature production process, in the manufacture of ppr pipe process should be strictly concerned about each link, give you today to summarize the new pipe industry, the manufacturing process may occur Of the problem and the solution.
1, ppr pipe wall is uneven, there may be such problems in the pipe production process screw temperature is too high; screw speed too fast.
2, the tube wall may be expected to damp the bubble.
3, the pipe surface with black stripes may be due to head temperature is too high, the filter did not clean.
4, a sudden slow material may be screw feeding section of the high temperature; body water; head pressure is small.
5, pipe wall roughness may be core mandrel temperature is too low; body temperature is too low; screw temperature is too high.
6, pipe surface wrinkles may be uneven temperature around the die; cooling water is too hot; traction is too slow.
7, the pipe surface may be dull mold surface temperature is too low or too high.
8, pipe wall cracks may be expected to have impurities; mandrel temperature is too low; body temperature is low; traction speed too fast.
9, the surface of the tube may be due to the focal point of the body or the nose temperature is too high; nose and the filter did not clean; particles in the impurities; raw materials, poor thermal stability or thermal stability of the dose is too small;
10, pipe longitudinal or transverse shrinkage Probably set diameter and die diameter of the radial difference (horizontal); traction speed is high (vertical).
11, ppr pipe wall thickness may die, die is not aligned; head temperature is uneven; traction instability; compressed air is not stable.
12, the product may be crisp body plasticity is not enough; screw speed too fast; head temperature is too low; resin viscosity is too high.
13, pipe bending may pipe wall thickness uneven; head around the temperature is not uniform; head cooling slot, traction cutting center is not aligned; cooling slot at both ends of the hole is not concentric.