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    It is said that most will sell who will be a great service.
    Indeed, human life, are in sales. Life, is the sales process. The value of life lies to sell yourself. Love to sell, sell to friends, sell to the enterprise, to promote leadership, marketing to customers, sell to the community.
A salesman, is a marketing company, which purchased the product from a business, then it is to sell out, do not hire managers without hiring production personnel, do not build houses, do not hire a salesperson, but it can create entirely great performance.
It is important to develop personal goals
1. What do I need - it can be said that everyone has a lot of dreams, each person needs, there are many things; but there are things you have to be fulfilled: to earn more money to buy a house, make your own there is a place to settle down; earn more money, to return to their parents; earn more money, do reserve funds for their children's future reading study; earn more money for themselves and their families are Buy several sufficient to protect the life and life insurance; earn more money, make their life to a higher level; earn more money to help more people who need your help ......
It can be said that in this society, whether you want to do, can not do without money. No base material, you can not only help themselves, but also can not help others; poverty is a sin, while others earn money is a criminal!
Someone has to statistics, by today's standard of living, if you make a feast, all aspects of life (parents, children, and can take care of yourself is good) is very secure, people in my entire life, have to make enough of 200 million yuan . So, each one of us, whether it is to do sales or just do other kinds of work, you have to clearly know their needs, what is your motivation and pressure to do business?

In a large company, a member of the business team of 20 people. But the monthly business star (month signing the highest amount of sales) are a 30-year-old female clerk obtained. The company manager was very strange that no female clerk how high cultural quality, only a junior high school graduation laid-off workers, appearance looks not very outstanding, personal communication skills are not very good, the company recruited clerk majority are secondary and tertiary educational level, communication skills much stronger than her people everywhere, and most people younger than she wanted, it was 20-year-old prime time, why do business but her?
In a monthly celebration at the meeting, company executives asked her: What do you do business tips? You and share with you your success experience. She said: I have no business know-how, but I'm home more difficult, I just knew he had to try to do, I have to make money, otherwise I would not feed their families. My husband in a car accident knocked became paralyzed, bedridden for many years, will need to spend two thousand yuan a month in medical expenses, my children now in high school, but also municipal key middle school, each months, they spent nearly $ 500, must pay tuition, fees, my body is not good parents, my parents and I was the only child, I have to support them, so I just need to know a month earn 5000 yuan above to be able to maintain family life, or else I am going to borrow, as we have such a difficult family, who wants us to borrow it! So I was doing business when the heart did not think anything else, is sure to make more money, must not be less than 5,000 yuan a month. I think, based on our company's signing situation and salary system, in order to earn 5000 yuan a month, they must sign the bill of 20 million yuan, is to sign a single 5-8, to sign so many single, most safe, every month I have to pay a return visit 25 potential customers, almost a day have a return visit. I do not want to go out and do what business, and finding ways to meet with clients. So, I felt I could have done pretty good in the company, every month more than their original goals, but also realize their economic aspirations, I feel no trick, in one sentence: we must be dry!
Sales in the industry among many people neither her feeling so much pressure on the economy, did not she kind of sub-competitor, so performance is not satisfactory, it is normal.
Doing business know-how, or the secret of success, it means "to have a clear goal" and "objective determination must be completed!" Without which there is any skill, any skill are pale. So, if you want a successful home improvement sales, you want to get better results, first thing to do is to sort out their goals and achieve their goals set under the greatest determination:

                          I still want to be sure to
Life from want, as to do!

Everyone has some inertia, if not necessarily do not necessarily want to, but just want to do business, most people do bad. So, I suggest that before you do business with, his own reasons for doing successful business must be written down, you really want to do it? Are you sure you want to own some business to do it? If you dare to such a determination, that in this world, you will not stop doing business difficulties and adversities it!

Individual performance objectives system

Goal is our way forward, with clear objectives, we can better allocate their time and effort. Some salesman, there is no clear business goals, so every day do not know what to do, although also went out every day, but today what you want to achieve a result, can not be running a number of other chores, he did not clear positioning. So to speak, clear goals to make our lives more fulfilling, so every day we will have a sense of urgency so that we really realize time is precious, so as to improve their work efficiency
    1, I (must) to check how many single
Lists signing his monthly amount that must be completed, we recommend that the target must be high, but can not be divorced from reality, can make progress every month, such as the first month, you may wish to set a single, then the second month target has been increased to two or three. But set a goal to not be too unrealistic month signed 10 orders, 20 orders.
2, I (must) be returning many customers
Then according to the company's signing rate, anti-Release requires returning the number of customers, such as signing rate is 30%, then you want to sign three orders, then at least to visit 10 there is the intention of customers, to be sure, your visit goal should be 12 or more, which means that action must be greater than the calculation results, so as to avoid other people's mistakes or fault of their own, the end result is not achieved.
3, I (must) be contacting many customers
Also uses inverse method, assuming that every contact with 20 customers, there will be a potential customer, then this month for a visit 12 potential customers, there must be 240 customer contacts and effective communication, the average daily exposure 8. So they know their daily work, and if you complete the eight goals, you can slightly relax, otherwise you have to fully pay. In general, as a salesman, in order to prevent accidents, it should be the beginning, the weekly workload increased, preferably in the early half or more to complete, so in mid and late work to ensure completion, that is to say only less than the target do not do. Meanwhile, the salesman should seize the opportunity, say, to a large market, you have to take this opportunity to have more contact with customers, in order to avoid late to market fewer areas difficult to reach customers.

Personal ability Target System

Performance objectives and capabilities of the target is linked to the ability to go in front of certain performance targets, if you only set performance targets, and rarely go to training and learning, not to improve their ability, then developed in order to achieve their own performance goals, is very difficult. Therefore, Chen said, it has become the industry experts can be successful. Do pipe industry, too, if you knowledge ppr, pert know nothing about, or know very little scanty, how can you expect their performance in the company to become champions?
1, ppr. pert Basics
"PPR, pert national standard", "Basics" "installation and construction" relearn every time a new discovery
2, communication and presentation skills
Doing business is the art of communication with customers, each clerk must find ways to improve their communication and presentation skills, so you need the help of the opportunity to meet the company's initiative to conduct in-house training, we also have to use all the time, to learn about communication skills, improve their quality and improvisation skills.
3, personal comprehensive ability
Kung Fu in poetry. On the business well, is not relying on the expertise on the line, the key is to communicate with people their overall quality, the clerk usually should read more newspapers, magazines, understanding of domestic big or small, and these translate into good will with customers talk communication time. Read more learn more, become a learned man, everywhere respected and liked by the customers.
Lifting capacity, but also a gradual process, therefore, about a month to develop their own capacity building objectives, and work constantly upgrade their own capabilities.

1 Flowchart:
Self-introduction - Status and understanding of customer needs - Comparison Products selling - distribution - rebates and incentives
Note 2
(1) Before we get into the customer the store, we must first put themselves in mind, we understand the customer the current situation on the basis of, put yourself for the sake of customers, using our expertise from the other point of view to think about him at present whether we need such a brand, if the answer is yes, with our sincere and persistent to convince customers. So as to achieve win-win situation, so as to continue long-term cooperation.
(2) When you sincerely for the sake of customers, and the other will be able to feel it, so that he will be thinking of you.
After (3) just enter the store, you have to understand the customer will be sold in essence there is resentment, only to feel each other out when you really, you can do for the other side to consider the other side to open their hearts to talk to you.
(4) the nature businessman is profit, there is no permanent friends, only permanent interests.
(5) Whatever the outcome, we must give the customer left a deep impression good, the specific situation of different customers and different, such as product quality, excellent price, cost-effective, timely delivery, and more suited to his personal charm ... ... and so on, according to their own advantage the focus can pick one or two to show up.
3 combat exercise
When customers enter the store after we first look at the current environment
To see whether the customer has time
1, if the customers are busy with their own affairs, or at a customer, we can show no problem for her own wait on the line is busy, you can also do us a favor, make her a time that you will listen to him explain your purpose in coming.
2, if the customer has time, we would like to introduce our own customers, so that customers understand what we are to do
First, the self-introduction
# ¥%: Hello boss (brother, sister) I Zhang Qingzhou transit tube industry, came to see what we can here to help us selling pipe. (1 start try to say a little close, reduce customer resentment, let the other side do not clearly feel they are being sold at 2, you can also try to say something can cause other interested 3 to store other special or you can feel as a topic of stuff at the beginning) You look at our samples.
At this time the client may be several reactions
1 ignored, so the sample price down, the future will look. This time the customer is either a bad mood, or is more marketing, do not want to talk,
Then do not hurry to talk about the product, we can ask the customer, we have here is a better brand in the business yet? (Know your customer)
2 customers in a serious look at the information or samples.
Then you can ask the customer is currently operating the brand, mainly to do which one is the wholesale or engineering. (Know your customer)
Second, the market situation
Products currently on the market can be divided into three equal times: the well-known brands, quality win second-tier brands, and third-line brand price to win.
The main business directions are: engineering, wholesale
Third, compare, selling Products
1, if the other party is operating brands, to do project-based
At this time we can ask whether the other has been operating this brand, why not operate other brands (know your customer)
As much as possible on the basis of clients' situation and then we find a breakthrough point for agents, they are businessmen, merchants ultimate aim is to profit, we all know that good quality brands, the price is high. For a reseller for selected brands reason is nothing more than a good product quality, brand influence, then we should understand that "transit" brand positioning for the second-tier brands, the quality of clearance, the price of this medium for the agent is our selling point is the same quality assurance on the basis of our prices low for customers bring more profits to seize more customers. And each of the market can not only high-end market, and only operate multi-brand, multi-grade products in order to seize more potential customers, then customers can also say, with each other for so many years in this market place, persuading buyers choose which product purchase is still very simple (the other side will be too high, reducing our life difficult for him that may arise, for example, here we are no longer marketable brand new, developers do not accept etc.) and our products more cost-effective, usually also more suitable for retail, and now most consumers would choose such a quality second-tier brands not be a problem while saving costs.
2, if the other party is a second-tier brand management, engineering-based.
Then we will have the appearance of the product, services, transport, support to find a selling point, our products are benzene white, although the same quality, but customers will be more willing to choose this product, but in the current market is relatively rare color, better to sell a good price, you can ask the service about whether the other original co-happy (preferably directly ask unpleasant problems that may arise you find, for example, his place of origin where the brand side, you can ask whether the goods in a timely manner, shipping It is reasonable). Transportation: Are we closer to the customer, shipping more convenient and save on shipping. Support our sales policy is more than the other efforts.
3, the other is a three-line brand management, engineering-based.
Then we will tell the customer, although lower three-brand price, but the quality can not be guaranteed to us, if quality problems, will be difficult to handle. While three-brand regardless of appearance or quality we can not sell a better price, although our products for her purchase price is high, but was able to have higher profits, while general operating three-brand customers, either from the store decoration or loyalty are not too high, it is easy for the brand, so we can tell the customer that if she runs this brand, even if the business for 10 years, still can not form a brand of influence, with the brand increased, upgrade market, customers are increasingly believe the brand, for her, the market will be increasingly smaller, then choose a brand, it's too late.
4, the other is operating brands, retail, home improvement mainly
Then you can ask each other now the brand price in this area, the customer can not accept, if the introduction of a second-tier brands, quality, packaging appearance, will not be a lot worse, but the price is cheap, our sales will improve a lot. So that we occupy a market share will be higher, the profit will be greater, no need to allow customers to pay for their own factory or high advertising costs, we use less money to buy the same product, why not
5, the other operators are second-tier brands, the wholesale, retail-oriented
Then we will look for the appearance of the product, services, transportation, support the selling of our products are benzene white, although the same quality, but customers will be more willing to choose this product, but also a relatively rare color currently on the market, with can sell a good price, the service can ask whether there are other service is not good, service bad things. Transportation: Are we closer to the customer, shipping more convenient and save on shipping. Are our sales policy more punch than the other.
6, the other three business line brand, wholesale
Then either let the other party to put change management, or convince customers to convince his client to change the entire market. Such customers we do not waste too much time, and because he is not our customer, you can say it directly, saying our good quality, the price is relatively high is not suitable for him to do, the next gave him a good impression on the line
Fourth, logistics and distribution
When we feel our customers basic recognition of the brand, which is the most important moment, and this is a critical moment he can become your customers, and this time we took an hour to convince customers to come later than we convince his ten hours are useful, then we want to build on the progress, to help customers under the decision, do not let him swing, we mainly from the first free shipping no matter how much shipping and other benefits are telling him that he would not have any great influence, let him sell the advanced point of shipment. And this time has been established between you and good customer relations, the other side you have to put down the psychological readiness, we can use this to allow customers and other methods to help facilitate the first transaction. You can also directly ask customers which stood near the freight, speak directly to each other will be able to arrange delivery, so that customers understand that he really did not bother, as long as his word, the rest of the things we can help him get.
Fifth, the sales policy
When the customer decides to purchase, because you want to cooperate with you so you have to ask what is not preferential policies, then we can tell the customer what policies, if you want the other side there are some special preferential policies, we can not be He said other preferential policies in order to meet her most important this offer.
If you have asked whether we have specific things such incentives, we just answer customer questions in this policy there can be, after all, said to avoid it in the following conversation was not able to attract customers before the other place
Skills Summary:
The other is what kind of person, you have to adapt to it, for example, you have to talk to each other more quickly fast, the other likes to joke you joke with him, so to make it easier for customers to accept yourself, to create a good atmosphere for business . Allow the other party as much for taking the time to understand your product.
Let us now analyze the process of talking and customers:
1, after the start into what we do is not allow customers to hate us, let us go immediately, or that can cause customer's attention, let the other side to give us the opportunity to talk with him (all roads lead to Rome, many ways as long as we can achieve this effect on the line)
2, when the conversation we must first understand the customer, understand his now operating products, business direction and present situation, whether it is now in satisfactory condition, and so our next step is to find out our differences and selling to convince the customer to prepare.
3, step through conversations, our basic understanding of customer needs, and our differences and selling, and this time we will let customers feel that our first and foremost stand for him to consider his point of view, and with our sincere , attached the other side seriously consider our product really suitable for him. At this time also to give a comprehensive explanation of the benefits he brings.
4, when the customer acceptance of our products are suitable for him, he must have a period of thinking, thinking he must give him the benefit of almost half of the time (the beginning he wanted to, but also want After some benefits I would want him bad place) next we will be neat to help customers decide not to wait for customers to say how to do (for example, the customer will say, OK that I should think about it a few days to give you a call ) we want to tell him before he "we will help him to get it over with," this time to the fifth step
5, logistics
We want customers thinking again directed to logistics to the above, when you are all ready to help him, he will follow your ideas to consider whether to purchase things will come up after a little effort, telling him not to have too big trouble, he can not find reasons to refute you, can not hold you agree with the view after, then congratulations, a stable and do not need to invest a lot of energy in the future development of the customer at hand.
If you do not purchase the first time, after a potential client how to do?
Potential customers are mainly divided into two
1, they can not make a decision, we need other people to help look back after making a decision.
We know each other by talking before might fancy our advantage, or can provide other benefits, has been to the customer left a deep impression, so after we left if customers call you then that customers really fancy or you need an edge. This time you will persuade customers as early as possible, by telephone, or go to the site to allow customers to a given shipment. Since we are interested in the customer to explain the customer can purchase to try, this time will you push a customer, let customers forward. On the first purchase, most customers still want to stand passive perspective purchase, do not want to enter, do not want to take the initiative to purchase.
2, the other party has no phone contact, then there are two possibilities: (1), indicating just talk to you are interested in one, but the other did not agree, (the reason obvious advantages, or because people do not want to change the status quo inertia, unless greater change) (2) the other party is really busy, this time you will need long-term follow-up, with our sincerity, perseverance to convince each other. Unexpected encounter each other in the original place of purchase, and then consider the purchase of another emergency, we can provide quality service to win customers.
The first unpleasant conversation of how to deal with customers.
The first customers to visit to talk to progress smoothly, hastily, this does not mean that customers will not become our customers, perhaps because of various reasons no mood to talk, just the same as we received telemarketing, when we a bad mood, or busy when we might sentence or two hung up, but also a man playing over the phone, or nothing a good mood or is in need of this product will be very careful when we talk with each other.
And factors that influence whether the customer can we seriously talk mainly 3
Have time is 1 2 3 mood recently needed
1, the mood is changing too fast, by chance is very difficult, so for this one factors mainly to see our conversation skills, and constantly improve the level of our conversation, so that customers are willing to talk to you.
2, with or without the time, to see if this factor is a right time to go, time can not wait to see it. Again seen a number of times.
Usually 8-9 o'clock in the morning, relatively speaking customers a little more free time, we should focus on at this time to visit yourself feel more valuable customers, so that someone can talk better to you, then one is watching to the number of times a customer may be busy twice, but 10 times 8 times you go there is always a first encounter each other have more time and can talk to you, but before you go to visit clients to each other when not to leave a bad impression, let the other side hate myself. It can be tricky to leave each other a primer of interest, pave the way for the next visit, such as more attractive incentives, or products. But remember that conversation when immature environment must not be everything to advise customers, first, because customers may feel that they all understand, but some things do not understand, that part of customers to understand what the other side is not attractive and second, when the topic of conversation next time will be reduced. I can not say something appealing the conversation more smoothly.
3 Have you recently required
Rely on their own several visits, a large part of the customer when they need to hurry to find a product, do not need to bother to remember when this part of the customer will see who meet with clients at the right time. Usually this part of the customer as long as you give each other a security feeling, the feeling of integrity will soon be able to achieve cooperation with you. This time the key sentence summary is to be sincere, true meaning of true quality
Patience and follow up strategy
Leave your phone number 1 customer, the clerk must have the patience to follow up, follow up to the customer should always sign the bill. Therefore, in the recording customer telephone numbers also should address specific customer conversations and information recorded in detail, so you can avoid some problems due to repeated asking him to allow customers to feel not enough attention
2, the customer's own links to the night or the next day and customer contact, in order to avoid a long time, the customer has forgotten your personal image. Timely follow-up show that you pay attention to customers.
3, when the follow-up can not be impatient, and have some strategic. Such as: When should follow up by telephone that evening, asking the customer has no e-mail or QQ number, so you to send some company information to customers by further obtain the customer's other contact information. The second follow-up can ask the customer has not received the information you send, recently busy at work, and so, if the customer refuses to you many times in a row, when you follow up, you can use text messages or e-mail, for both sides to stay The next buffer space.
The production ppr, pert pipe fittings, then around the processing contract, no standard fittings can be OEM, processing integrity, earn a reasonable profit. Chengzhao around the same time the company sales manager, cooperation may be to the company website, the company in the concept of win-win cooperation with employees to get along, as long as the performance, there is way to make you earn more money.
Essential information clerk
A certificate: the company's full set of licenses (backup multiple copies)
Figure Two: Local map, the road map plan today
Three tables: week work schedule, work log table, customer information tables
Four tools: business bags, notebook, pen, calculator
Five Information:
  (1) his business card (2) Corporate Information and price list
  Contacts relevant departments (3) Company catalog promotion policy (4) Company