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1. PP-R pipe applications:
1, the building's hot and cold water system, including the central heating system;
2, the building of the heating system, including the floor, wall panels and radiation heating system;
3, can be directly drinking pure water supply system;
4, central (centralized) air conditioning system;
5, transportation or discharge of chemical media and other industrial piping systems.
6, for the cylinder transmission of gas and other piping systems.
2. PP-R pipe as a new type of pipe, with the following performance characteristics:
1, health non-toxic: PP-R pipe material molecules only carbon, hydrogen two elements, no toxic and harmful elements exist, in line with food hygiene regulations for hot and cold water pipes and pure drinking water system.
2, thermal insulation: PP-R tube thermal conductivity is low, the value of (0.21W / m · k), only 1/200 of steel, if applied to hot water pipeline system will greatly reduce the heat loss.
3, long life: PP-R pipe at the operating temperature of 70 ºC, working pressure of 1.0 MPa conditions, the service life of up to 50 years. At room temperature (20 ºC) life of up to 100 years.
4, corrosion resistance: PP-R pipe for the non-polar material, the water contained in the ions and chemical substances in the building are not a chemical reaction, will not rust and corrosion. In addition to the acid, alkali, alcohol, low boiling point hydrocarbon solvents and many organic chemicals have a strong resistance.
5, heat resistance: PP-R tube micro-card softening point of 131.5 º C. Short-term use of water temperature up to 95 º C, long-term use, the temperature can be controlled at 75 ºC, is the most ideal indoor hot and cold water pipes.
6, the pipeline resistance is small: smooth wall of the pipe, no rust, no scaling, making the resistance along the line is much lower than the metal pipe.
7, easy installation, solid connection: PP-R pipe has a good welding performance, pipe fittings can be used hot melt and fused connection, easy installation. In addition, the strength of the pipe connecting parts is greater than the strength of the pipe itself, to prevent leakage of hidden dangers.
8, the quality of light: the density of 0.89-0.9g / cm3, only 1/9 of the steel, copper tube 1/10, can greatly reduce the transport costs and installation of the construction strength.
9, the material can be recycled: PP-R pipe waste by cleaning, broken can be recycled for the production of pipe fittings. The amount of recycled material does not exceed 10%, does not affect product quality.
10, green: in the production, construction and use of the process, without any pollution of the environment of the material, are green products.