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The living room is the exchange of family members together, to receive guests public space, living space design priority. However, it is also a lot of family living room decoration easy to make mistakes, regrets the place, and would have caused a lot of inconvenience later in life. The following safety net Xiaobian summarize the living room decoration detail the most common mistakes, I hope you learn a lesson.
1, living room lighting should not be too much
In nowadays home decorating, many working families are the pursuit of the beautiful light. So they mounted spotlights in as many home decorating. But in fact this is a big misunderstanding. First, too much lighting likely to cause safety problems. These spotlights though seemingly less wattage, but they accumulate in a small lamp heat, high temperature short time, over time easily lead to a fire. Second, these spotlights are usually only open to guests only, or holidays only, apart usually do not. Many comrades have installed spotlights compared with regret that this is to spend money on an error. Thus, the placement of spotlights should be able to adhere to the principle of least less.
2, should not be low-grade floor tile
In home decorating, floor tile is a large expenditure, scalability greatly. Tile high prices on the hundred dollars, the lowest of only a few dollars. To save money, many wage earners are not willing to spend money to buy high-end floor tiles. In fact, this is a big mistake. First floor tiles are easy to wear, if it is too cheap, do not wear, over time the tile will be out of the foot marks to. Second, not too cheap floor tiles slippery, it is easy to slip, causing injuries. So when buying floor tile, at least to the mid-range or more.
3, buy wires, water pipes do not pursue cheap
Throughout the decor in housing, wiring, plumbing is also a big expense. Some working-class comrades in this one expenditure, savings ideas, tend to be less concerned about the quality, but only focus on price. This is a major mistake. Wires, water pipes if quality standards, after decorating will bring a great security risk. Therefore, wage earners in the purchase of wires and pipes, can not lower the standard, but should buy quality wires, water pipes, to ensure safety.
4, the power plug not less
Some people believe that a plug province, they also save some wires. So they study the current household appliances at the same time, try to reduce the number of installed power plug. This approach is wrong. First, as the development of electrical household appliances will be more and more, once a new electrical outlet did not, in order to install difficult. Second, electrical equipment using the power plug, try to avoid using both a few plugs. Plug a little, together with a few pieces of equipment, easily lead to accidents. The correct approach is, should be based on the area of housing, according to the design of a professional electrician, and then integrated household appliances number of actual, reasonable resettlement power plug, plug and leave some stand to facilitate expansion.
5, living room decoration should not be too soft outfit, spatial redundancy
First, against a wall lose Highlights
The move furniture against a wall pretty middle of the room, making it exposed to the sight and become a great visual focus, play a Zoom effect, since like the more impressions.
Second, too much cushion sofa space occupied
If the cushion to hinder you comfortable sitting on the sofa or bed, it appeared that was too much. Bed pillow put too much before bedtime will make you spend a lot of time to move them away, and then get up early to take the same time to put them back on the bed. Take your time, energy and money in the room should be inked area instead of buying a lot of cushion. Several pillow can be done very well.
Third, home furnishings and more messy
After there will be a lot of home improvement gadgets, these are everyone's favorite bar, or how we put them all furnishings rotate your kids outside. If you really like some of the items, but it has been put out for a long time, you'd better put it temporarily close up. Edit your collection combination, so that your baby can be in combination with different furnishings stand out.
6, living room decoration not software installed improperly, excessive waste
First, a pile of debris sofa shawl
With a beautiful draped blankets instead of the whole sofa covered with shawls, sofa holding a simple smooth appearance, do not pile a lot of fabric on the sofa.
Second, moving rugs split the whole space
Rugs are not fixed area is a big mistake people make because they make shift our attention thus separates the unified sense of space and walk on people are very easy to fall. Before buying rugs on the floor with feet first release to be placed rugs position. Rugs and sofas should group together. Seats are all on the front foot rugs.
Third, decorative artificial flowers pollute the environment
This is very controversial, but the use of fake flowers is really a mistake. They are not as beautiful flowers with a fragrance like to bring indoor vitality, they bring only dust. Indeed too costly to replace the flowers every day, but sometimes you can replace it with something else. You can put some lemon and fruit in a bowl to make a visual impact. Or use some dry natural materials, such as a curved wicker or bamboo stalks.
Fourth, the frame too destroy the beauty
If you want to look up to appreciate your art, it means that it hung too high. Regardless sit or stand, you usually do not want to look up to admire your artwork. Optimum height of your eye level. Watching along on your door, if your artwork is too big, it is the basis of paintings along the door frame, do not exceed it. In this case from any room to sit or stand angle will look very uncomfortable. There is a good rule to remember: If, after the sofa paintings, holding the bottom of the frame 15 cm distance along the back of the couch.
7 living room decoration visual clutter should not lose focus
First, ignore the bright windows amounted to a denial
Bed sheets and blankets are to be used instead of windows. Stocks not only represent the end of a room decoration, which is as important as the jewelry room for the woman. In addition to paint, window treatments is to change the perception of the room the easiest and cheapest way.
There is a good rule to remember: the curtains hung over the window frame 5 cm height. If your ceiling is high, then the curtains had been hung from the top to the ground, make the space appear larger. Of course, you can also simply just to hang a small hemp Roman blinds to block out light.
Second, inappropriate affect mood lighting
Usually people think that the lamp bulb, lamp shade that is, light is light, there is no clear understanding of the lamps to bring people in. You want to bring in different times of day different moods with different lamps. Dimmer switch is a great secret weapon --- cheap, easy to install and can create all the necessary spaces and feel the atmosphere.
When deciding fixture, to understand the function of each space, and then select the appropriate species. In the kitchen, you need to configure the operation of the Pan-lighting work area lighting. In the home office, you need a table lamp to illuminate your work surface. Do not just rely on a smallpox ceiling to illuminate the whole room, it makes the room becomes flat.
Third, the fear of color is a waste of color
Color matching can give the room a non-different feeling, but we do not know how to match, and finally becomes what color are gone. Many people like the color but they were afraid to use them. They are afraid to use color on the wall, because of fear of seeming too bold, fearing the results and select the dislocation, fear and furniture do not match.
We should try to use color on the wall and learn to love it, as long as the green paint, you can rest assured that the "graffiti" (of course, not to get too fancy living room, you can do more color in your child's room or bedroom Daipei , some of the children and their own imagination). Different time periods in each day and live it, find it in the morning, afternoon and evening exhibit differences. If you do not like it, cover it with other colors.
8, living space do not narrow
Living room design, manufacture spacious feel is a very very important thing, regardless of the solid space is large or small, in the interior design requires attention to this point. Spacious feel relaxed mood and can bring feelings of joy.
9, living space can not be low
The living room is the home's main public space, whether you do artificial ceiling, must ensure that the height of the space, the height refers to the living room should be home in the greatest of space clear height (except stairwell). This includes the use of a variety of the highest optical illusion treatment.
10, should not be cluttered living room landscape
In interior design, we must ensure that the beauty of the living room from the point of view can be seen, which also includes the best of the main viewpoint (sofa at) aspire to see the outdoor scenery. The living room the whole room decoration should be the most beautiful or most personal one.
11, living room lighting can not dim
Living room should be a whole room light (either natural light or artificial lighting) the brightest one, of course, this highlights is not absolute, but relative. Perhaps in some practical activities (such as watching TV or something) you do not need a very bright light, but in other daily living activities, light is indispensable.
12, should not be an alternative style living room
Regardless of your personality or any member of the family or how aesthetic features, unless you usually do not have any relations contacts, otherwise you must ensure that its style has been accepted by the public. This does not mean universal decorated flat Fanfan, but people need to be designed in harmony and easier to accept that kind of style.
13, living material has to be universal
The decoration in the living room, you must ensure that the materials used in the decoration, which is still ground material can be used for most of the families living behavior. For example, in the living room too smooth laying brick material might cause harm to children or the elderly or hinder their actions.
14, living room layout should be smooth
Either side of the living room or by the formula across the middle of the living room layout Transit should ensure access to the living room or the living room through smoothly. Of course, this is to ensure that under conditions permitting formation.
15, living room furniture to be applied
Living room furniture should consider the applicability and suitability of the members of the family activities. The main consideration there is the elderly and children from the use of, and sometimes we have to for their convenience and make some concessions.
16, the right door can not be opened
All doors should be left open, so-called Left Dragon White Tiger right, dragon on the left should be moving in the right white tiger should be quiet, so all the doors should be left open for the guitar, which means that people from the inside out, the door should be located in left. If reversed left to open the door easily lead to family disputes.
17. Not being on the elevator door
Home building its doors not being on the elevator door, causing a positive impulse radio unfavorable wealth, households prone to illness.
18, the door can not be a straight line to the window, back door or toilet
Doors and windows are qi and out of the house opening the door can not be with window, back door even in a straight line, forming the front and rear doors with wear, so that qi hall straight out, can not be gathered in the house, so wealth can not be collected and, so that the refund money. Toilet provide space for people to excrete, nature is not clean, it should not be straight on the toilet door. Straight on the toilet door to make financial investment mistakes, Choi Jin Choi people out of harm's family wealth.
19, entrance door and the living room should be located
Feng Shui Tips "hi roundabout, straight bogey." Entrance door and the living room set or a short cabinet shields, some inside and outside the buffer, anger management gathered in the living room to maneuver after, also hidden inside the home, outside easy to snoop. Hidden deep inside the home, a symbol of good fortune stretch.
20, living room should be located in the forefront of your home
After entering the gate you should first see the living room, and bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be located in the rear of the house. Use of space configuration reversed mistakenly set living room in the rear, it will cause fiscal retreat pattern, easy to make fortunes decline.
21, at home wang door diagonal
Home wang is usually in the living room, the main condition is quiet, stable, it can not be a moving line channel, in general wang into the living room in front of the diagonal. Since wang mostly in the door diagonally, it should not hang a mirror, because the mirror reflection effect, easily hinder family fortune; so bad fortune, opportunity lost. Wang should be placed can contribute fortune mascot, the best way is to plant a wide leafy greens with vitality.
22, living room should not be dark
The first re-lit living room feng shui, so try to avoid placing too bushy potted plants on the balcony, so light occlusion. The bright living room can bring family fortune strong, so the living room wall should not choose too dark tones.
23, living room floor should not be uneven
Living room floor should be flat, should not have too much of a step or manufacture of high and low, respectively. Some of the living room using a hierarchy of partitions designed to make significant changes in the level of the floor, so the family fortune also because of many ups and downs and ups and downs of the floor.
24, can not become a moving line the living room
The living room is a gathering place of Wang Qi, stable request, the living room should not be planned in the moving line, people move around too often. Living room provided in the movable wire passage, easy to make family gatherings or a visitor by the aggravation. Otherwise it will affect the owner's residence and business relationships.
25, if the beam across the living room should be decorated to cover
If the living room ceiling beams formed feeling of oppression, people sitting under beams likely to cause mental stress, and fortune of appetite. As soon as possible to cover the beams in the ceiling of the mezzanine.
26, living room should be more circular shape ornament
The living room is where family and friends get together, most need to create a lively, harmonious atmosphere. Round is a yang, is a dynamic symbol, so circular lighting, ceiling shape, and having a guide ornaments warm, lively atmosphere.
27, living room should not be linked to the chaos beast pictures
Such as the living room hang flowers, plants, landscape or fish, birds, horses, white crane, Phoenix and other auspicious animals, usually no more taboos. But if you like flying dragon, tiger, eagle and other wild beasts, you will need special attention will be drawn in the beast's head outwards to form a pattern of defense, but do not be the head of the beast inwardly threat themselves, or easy for the family brought an unexpected disaster.
28, not the living room filled with antiques, decorations or debris
If the living room filled with antiques, sundries and decoration, easy to accumulate dust, impact of airflow, of course, easy to make blood flow, and health decline.