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Is our PE tube too expensive? What I want to say is "a price and a price"

We often receive phone calls from customers who have inquired about PE pipe prices. Among them, a majority of customers have said such words: “How are your PE pipes more expensive than the PE pipes of other small companies? Is the company larger? How much more will the cost increase?” Here, I need to explain to everyone.

First of all, I would like to say that the price of a PE pipe is not related to the size of the company, but the quality of a PE pipe is closely related to the size of the company. Why does this not be said, the price determinants of PE pipes are on raw materials, and the difference in raw materials determines the price of PE pipes. The prices of raw materials for PE pipes on the market have been rising so far that the prices of PE pipes have become higher and higher. However, the price of some manufacturers' PE pipes is not even the price of PE raw materials, plus the consumption of machinery, electricity, labor, and so on. It can be imagined that these PE pipes are made of any material. No one believes that they are made from recycled materials. Do you dare to use the PE pipes produced in this way? Therefore, instead of looking at prices alone, to calculate costs, choose which is not the lowest price.

PE pipe is known to all, the most important thing is to use water on the water. "Water is the source of life." Everyone knows that this sentence reflects the importance of water. It is called "the quality of water determines the quality of life." The importance of PE pipes can be imagined.
Since PE pipe is so important, the quality of PE pipe must be strictly controlled. Some manufacturers of PE pipe prices are less than half of our company, assuming there are such a cheap pipe, our company directly bought their pipes and then sold their hands is not good enough, why do they have to produce. Our company's production of pipes is to first ensure the quality of the pipes.

The outer wall of the PE pipe produced by our company is smooth, all of which are new material production, without adding any reclaimed material, and the sanitary performance is also tested according to the national standards, and fully comply with the national standards. The service life is also greatly improved. Everyone can buy and use it with confidence.
The outer wall of a poor-quality PE pipe is not very smooth. Most of them add a large amount of recycled materials. The hygienic standard cannot reach the national standard at all, and it is easily deformed or broken, and the service life is greatly shortened.
"One point for one price, one point for goods." This sentence is not bad. No one is a fool. It is impossible to sell 100 yuan for 80 yuan. Therefore, when choosing a PE pipe, we must carefully consider it. We cannot choose products because of low prices. By then, regrets are too late.